Saturday, May 5, 2012


For the past decade, I've been growing out my hair and then donating it to Locks of Love (& other organizations) once it has reached the minimum allowable length to donate (anywhere from 10-13").

It usually takes 2 years to complete the cycle.  This last time I was really enjoying the long hair, so it's been 3 years since the last cut.

...And it's getting REALLY HOT in South Carolina.

....And the hair was getting REALLY LONG and THICK and HEAVY.

(just kidding, that's a Cousin It costume)

There it is.

I just couldn't take it anymore.  So at a May celebration, a friend cut it all off!


(10-13" of hair right there) 

If you think you want to do this too, I'm sure there are a ton of cancer patients who would really appreciate the support.  Wigs are expensive, and the organizations that provides them to patients is super important in my opinion, especially for the kids who just want to grow up normal.  Keep in mind that you can send them hair clippings that aren't 10-13" long, and they can sell the hair for monetary donations!  Wheeee!

I do understand that many people have strong attachments to their hair.  
I totally get it.

I've just always been of the mindset that hair is an extension of your self, and I am changing every day it seems.  

Permed hair.
Red hair (fire engine).
Rainbow hair.
Beta fish hair.
Purple hair.
Blue Dreadlocks!

You could say that I constantly re-invent my life...
But that's what you get for being a transcendental existentialist....ha!

Locks of Love,
Misses Hey-Where's-My-Moustache!

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