Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I've started a new website, it's called WaBi SaBi LiViNG(.org)
It's more or less a lifestyles website, celebrating the imperfections in our lives.
There's a Garden section with recipes, garden tips, etc.
There's a Sewing section for crafts, art inspiration, and (you guessed it) sewing!
There's a section for Moms, ideas and support.
There's a section for Kids, games and ideas for the home!
There's a section for Pets, tips and featured pals!
And there's a World section, for everything else....

My favorite recent post is something I will share with you today, and you can head on over there yourself if you want to check out some more (which I hope that you will).


Do you have a standing date with family or with friends where you can eat together in a community atmosphere?
My husband and I have a bi-weekly, family-style dinner with some friends and their little one.  We trade off who cooks every other week, and I love getting to taste and see the different family recipes, cooking styles, and tricks for leftovers!
So here is one of the most delicious leftovers recipes I’ve ever devoured, courtesy of the Lady of the Mannor:
Leftovers Soup
Grilled Chicken
Stewed Tomatoes
Black Beans
(lowfat by accident)
Egg Noodles:
(accidentally undercooked in a previous dish)
Monkey Brains:
(not really, but that’s what we like to tell the little one)
Many of the ingredients were leftovers, some where not, and some are merely ficticious.
Serve with croissants for maximum enjoyment (or some other forbidden side dish).
And then she served us these:

I *believe* she called them Sugar Drop Cookies…
They were chewy, thin daps of debauchery.
I wanted to grab the cookie tin and run for the hills!
But then how would I ever be able to face them again?
(I’ve ALREADY tricked them into feeding me once a month!)
If you want to make these fine fellows yourself, then check out this book:
 But I can’t just give away their recipes for free.  They’d probably sue me for it.
The good thing is – she told me this book is her GO-TO for all baking projects.
So if you aren’t like me and you have a *working* oven, get yourself this book and bake yourself into oblivion! (and then invite me over, please!)

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