Wednesday, March 28, 2012


...time to play in the DIRT!

Well, the seeds I waited too late to order this year
(because EVERYTHING in the yard is in full bloom already)
FINALLY made it to my doorstep,
Thank You Burgess!
Thank You Mr. Postman!

Asian Greens, Spinach
Early Girl Tomatoes, Climbing Tomatoes
Sugar Snap Peas, Bush Beans
Mixed Greens, Cantaloupe
....cantaloupe?  I didn't order that.
Hm, but I wasn't charged for it either...okay!

Where's the Luffa???
I want to make my own sponges next year!!
I do remember last year that some packets came separately, 
so I'm just going to hope that the Luffa seeds are on their way.  
And for now...
I will be happy trying out the free Cantaloupe seeds!

Planting Music?  Yes please.
Pandora Station? Grass is BLUE!
(The Wiyos, Avett Bros, Old Crow Medicine Show, EARL SCRUGGS, etc.)
Okay, okay, I'm ready now.
Using these great biodegradable seed starters that Dad gave me.

Let the seeds sail on the open Sea of Sink!

Wait no, don't water them with coffee!  ...or SHOULD I......?

Tags made from old blinds.
(I finally got to put those broken blinds to use that the cats destroy!)
Yay for recycling.
And I guess...
thank you cats?

The seeds new home for now.
Hope it's enough light.

I was have SO much fun in the dirt,
I decided to plant some wrapping paper that's been sitting around since last Xmas.
(or the xmas BEFORE last...whoa)

I ripped off the portion I wanted to plant, soaked in water and let sit for a minute.

I really wasn't sure what to do with the wrapping paper,
the instructions on the paper itself say:
"Water Me. Plant Me. Grow Me."
Thanks for that.
Wouldn't have been able to figure that out.
So i placed the paper pieces on top a few inches of wet dirt,
then covered it with a few more inches of dirt,
then saturated the entire container with warm water and let drain.
I've got my fingers crossed.
I THINK they're going to be flowers?

I repotted my favorite plant in the house.
Some kind of cactus.
I like to call it the Octoplant...
...even though it's down to only four or five tendrils now...
(I'm still not great with plants, but TRYING!)

Happy Octopus!

And the only thing I have growing so far is a little...

Honestly, I can't remember.  But it sure is pretty.

And to send you off in style,
here is a great quote from that wonderful blog "Not Dabbling in Normal"

"Gardeners have a reputation for generosity,
and while it’s well-earned (think buckets of squash),
it is also a little bit of a counterbalance for the streak of greediness we know we all possess.
You are never going to get the first raspberry off a gardener,
or the first ripe fig.

‘Cuz we done et it."

Misses Seedstache

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