Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I loaned a book by the author SARK to a friend of mine the other day.  (Eat Mangoes Naked)  I've loved SARK for a long time, she is silly and joyful and wonderful in my eyes.  I wish I had a miniature SARK in my head all the time....

Anyways, there was a section in that book about becoming a visitor in your own home.  I love this idea so much that I'd like to make a list of all the fun & free things you can do at your house to spice up life a little.
Some of these ideas are stolen right from the book itself, and some are things I've done at home for years and years.  I'd certainly love to hear any ideas on this subject, if anyone has suggestions or links to share!

List of Fun & Free Things To Do at Home

- pretend to be a visitor in your own house and exclaim about all the pretty things to yourself

- walk backwards everywhere you go

- pretend to be blind and learn how many steps it takes to get from place to place

- lay or sit on the floor instead of your usual seat, or create a high-sitting perch to view your room from above (it's so totally Dead Poet's Society)

- rearrange some rooms to have certain "areas" like in kindergarden - letter-writing station, coffee station, etc.

- get out your pots and pans, scatter them on the floor, and teach yourself some percussion

- make art from your trash (preferably robots)

- decorate your place for the holidays, and if there isn't a holiday just choose a theme for the week!

- dig holes in your backyard, fill them with old items, then draw yourself a treasure map.  sit back with some rum and wait for next spring ;)

- if you don't live alone - start a drawing and hang it up in a common area, encourage others to add to the drawing a little bit every day until you feel it is complete

And since i've run out of ideas for right now, here's a couple pictures of the dry erase board from the 6-roommate house I lived in in Seattle:

(if you can't tell, we liked dragons...)

Love and Free Fun,
Misses Dragonstache

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