Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun with Translation Software

I work in an office with utility bills.  Working with utility bills pays MY utility bills.  We are taking on more and more clients and some International facilities with them.  I had the fun today of receiving the Chinese and Japanese electric and gas invoices from our IT dept after they had been run through some new translation software.  Let me preface this by saying that the IT guy was really skeptical that it would work at all because of the degraded invoice copies that we were working with.  Copies of copies of copies, you know?  Some of them couldn't even be run through the software because they were at one time on colored paper, and that created pixels which the software couldn't translate, blah blah blah etc.

Anyway, I got to go over each of the invoices after the translation was translatamacated.  And YES, I did write down the funniest bits!  They are probably not all that funny listed together like this - but to see this on a utility bill is just hysterical!  Here you go:

Receipt with magic emanation

Crane paid yeast micro-fiber braided WW arrest People Gui Yi Xian

Acceptance of individual fingers

The mature heat pump itself!

Force will always Yuneru cattle out to 6-fold rise to energy conservation more and more

A bid to prevent hot spoon

Diameter of one section of limb position, adult protection in terms to about probe is related.  Nozomi our customers from the seedlings of SE intuition Ru only when K Rimasu dare to mother-in-eaves.

SiSS it in the crotch.

Thank you for your freshly brewed every time.

And two summer every year?

Wheeling is based on the amount touch about shooting your thighs supply > means a fresh.

I initiate all actions startle the original: the original type of business No. 1.

Electricity lasor operator, accounts shell 20 left foot on the elbow.

Add a few wipe domain as follows.

The cause of the City and say nothing.

That heartfelt broker in number.  The number of show pride.

Power thieves butterfly listen to section kill factor.

Love area of economic open contact with the Jinan flowers?

Please be on your shelf.  Mon circuits for mass transfer at a dragon yourself.

As for packing your request, attached please Kaya harm our breakdown Man


  1. some of these would make great band/song names!

  2. I agree, SiSS it in the crotch would be a perfect band name. These are really funny!