Sunday, January 23, 2011

"No-Poo" Month Two

In November, the Fuzband and I went shampoo-free.  We read an article suggested by a comment on this blog and after reading it we were convinced to stop shampooing!  Now that doesn't mean that we don't wash our hair!  I use a baking soda + water mixture, and the Fuzband just uses his bar of Irish Spring.

Both ways work just great - better than shampoo actually!  I didn't have to deal with a "normalization" period, but once the Fuzband went through his, he isn't as OBSESSIVE about his morning shower anymore, and believe me that's CRAZY!  I've never seen this man go ANYWHERE a day in his life without taking a shower first, and for the first time ever he occasionally will skip his morning shower and it doesn't drive him crazy all day long the way that it used to.

I just recently (out of necessity-i mean laziness) tried using the Fuzband's Irish Spring bar of soap (rather than walking all the way to the kitchen for the baking soda and tablespoon) - and I realized how much I MISSED LATHER!  And afterwards my hair felt a bit heavier-but-fuller and stayed clean a bit longer than when I was using the baking soda mixture!  I just might completely switch to using soap!  It's been five days since I washed my hair with that soap and it is just barely feeling dirty - it's not greasy at all though!  And I'm starting to see SOME flakes today, but it's the weekend and the tv doesn't care if there some flakes in my hair.

In conclusion - STOP USING SHAMPOO.  But don't stop bathing.  Bathing doesn't mean always having to wash your hair.  Change your mind, change your hair.  Make them both better!

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  1. I'm several months in, now, and liking it. I use the baking soda and do vinegar rinses, a couple times a week. Otherwise I just vigorously rinse it with water. It's working pretty well for me, except when I find myself in places with hard water. Then it is the waxy gross yuck! Fortunately at home I don't have hard water and have found a nice balance. Glad it's working for you too. :)