Saturday, September 11, 2010


The Apocalypse List (or Apocolist, as I so lovingly refer to it) is a simple and on-going list of items that would help us to survive if something ever happened - not JUST the Apocalypse.  The idea behind this list is that eventually we will own all of these items, and one day when the power goes out all over the world, or the internet mysteriously disappears, or a large earthquake hits, or when zombies become real.....that we will not fall victim to the fear-ridden and rioting masses - or become zombie food.  The plan thus far is to pack up everything we can and move out to the woods, or at least stay in the woods for several months until the rioting has subsided.
The list that follows is in no particular order, and if you have suggestions, please let me know!


~rain barrel
~fishing poles
~reusable lures
~rifle and bullets
~water filtration (of some kind - would rain barrel + a Brita work well enough?)
~solar panels
~solar chargers
~gas can
~soil pellets and fertilizer
~bikes (with motors!)
~FIRST AID KIT (as extensive as possible)
~inhalers and epipens
~boat (canoe or rowboat) + paddles
~SALT (lots!)
~essential oils
~solar lamps
~books and pens
~guitar and extra strings
~a heating system of some kind (like that kid made out of old cans and plastic bags....)
~down comforter
~bow and arrows
~canned goods
~dehydrated goods

obviously some of these items are for pure amusement, and i have much to add to it if i'm going to get detailed, so suggestions are happily accepted!

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