Friday, September 3, 2010

Lazy City, Company, or Utility?

About 2 or three weeks ago we had a bunch of terrible storms.  The last one even knocked out the power to one of our street lamps and half of the duplexes on the cul de sac (the half across the street from us).  The next day I noticed a tree down.  A very tall pine tree.  Looked like it had just snapped right in half.  It fortunately missed damaging too much, but it did fall across some power lines, across someone's driveway, and on top of their house.  But not much damage, so all's well that end's well, right?  Well no....
 The people who owned the house that it fell on (it fell on a house OUTSIDE of our cul de sac) - they cut up the part of the tree that blocked their driveway, and it is now in neat stacks in their front yard.  The top of the tree is still on their roof though - but no roof damage!  HOWEVER, the majority of the tree (the part that is INSIDE of our cul de sac) - still there.  Still LAYING ACROSS POWER LINES - and those power lines also go across a road!  A road that my hubby and I use several times a day!  And this tree stayed knocked down, an entire tree hanging on, just laying there on the power lines.  I was SURE somebody would come get it.  Since the power was out on that side of the street, I figured that one of those residents would have reported it.

FIVE days later I saw an SCE&G truck pull in.  Wonderful, I thought to myself, that tree is comin' down!  Nope.  Still there.

TWO days after that, I finally say to myself, Self - it's been a whole week and that damn tree is still laying on those damn power lines that run across the damn street that you drive under multiple times a day.  Call Somebody.  So I did.  I called the company that rents out the duplexes in our cul de sac AND I called SCE&G.  Our company never got back to me (and our back porch awning is STILL hanging on by a thread since that last storm).  I talked to a woman at SCE&G that spoke as if the tree was a really big deal - but day and day and DAYS went by with that tree still laying across those power lines.
SEVEN days later.  Still there when I leave for work in the morning.
But when I get home today after work, TREE GONE!  FINALLY!  I just don't know who finally came and got it!  I would like to know!  I want to know who is the least lazy of the choices, the CITY itself -the company we rent from - or the monopolistic utility we have to buy all our utilities from?  (That is - until we make our own solar panels one day.  Ohhh I can't wait for that day!  SUCK IT Power Company!)

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