Saturday, September 25, 2010

Things That Make Me Angry & Things That Make Me Laugh

Things That Make Me Angry:

This kind of advertising:
..which is now on every window of every starbucks in my area.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love drinking starbucks, and I probably go there once a week and indulge in some kind of creamy, sugary insanity that costs way too much and could Never be considered real coffee.  But this kind of advertising really bothers me!  It makes me angry when Hershey's says Chocolate = Happiness (even tho they kind of have science to back them up on that) or when Wal-mart says Save Money, Live Better.  It makes me angry because it's lies. I could go on for a very long time on this subject....  Wal-mart is not always the cheapest (unless you're talking about quality and durability) - and saving money is NOT the definition of living better (Living Better is about quality of life, not material objects and whether you can buy everything in one place to save time - there are SO MANY OTHER WAYS to achieve Living Better); Hershey's chocolate bars are NOT going to make you a happy person; and drinking Starbucks every morning is NOT going to bring you true comfort.
Gah.  I hate advertising.  It really is brainwashing.
"They are SO NICE - they even offered to wash my Brain for me!"

Things That Make Me Laugh:

We have some chalkboard stuff on the back of our front door, and we use it to remind ourselves to do things that need to be done.  I was making a dress for a co-worker, so I wrote it on the board - "Make Tammy Dress" (I don't worry about correct grammar when jotting notes on the chalkboard door!)  However, my funny fuzzy husband - who I will henceforth refer to as my fuzzband - he likes to joke around with my little notes.  (And it makes me laugh)

Here's another thing that makes me laugh.
I have a picture of a friend that's printed out and cut out, and I found it in my book one day when I was eating lunch at work.  So I had lunch with her (and she had no idea)!
The last thing that makes me laugh is in this photo from the Pharmacy side of Walgreens

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