Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Since I Deleted My Facebook Profile....

...I have watched more television

...I have felt the urge to get in touch with my friends.

...I have felt disconnected.

...I have spent more time with my dogs.

...I keep thinking that I've forgotten something.

...Every time I say something funny or cool and think to myself "that would make a good facebook status" it is followed by a moment of "except...not anymore..."

...I have been more bored.

...I have been more inspired by my boredom into doing other things like playing music, playing games, working on happy robot stuff, reading, etc.

...I've been cooking more elaborate (but healthy!) meals.  Yum!  ;d

...I wonder how and where to announce things.  Not that I have anything to announce.  But I also refuse to Twitter.  There's nothing good.

...I find myself working on art and music projects more.

...I excersize and go outside more.

...My inner voyeur has NO idea what to do with itself!  Realty TV?  Peeping?  Become a spy?

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