Saturday, July 31, 2010

There's a Ghost in our Inbox

I acquired a new job recently.  A full-time office job for a great company that is trying to help major corporations save money AND switch to renewable sources of energy.  They also really treat their employees well and I am enjoying working there.

Yesterday, as I was working in our shared Inbox in Outlook Manager, we FINALLY had gotten down to just OOOOONE unread message (messages marked unread are issues that need to be worked).  But Outlook kept saying that there were TWO unread messages!  I kept looking, and looking.  And relooking and RELOOKING!  Finally I just said something to my cubicle-mate, and she told me the story...

...of an email that had never been received.  And it was sent and resent from the other department, but our side never received it!  It got lost somewhere in the system.  Somewhere in cyberspace.  And now our Inbox will forever say that there is one unread email, even if everything is deleted out.  Even if you try to delete the contents of the folder.  That one email still lurks somewhere, hiding in the Inbox.

There's a Ghost in our Inbox.

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