Saturday, July 31, 2010


Again, two blogs in one day.  It's a downpour!

I was just so happy to see some little bees working away on one of our sunflowers!  I've been in love with bumbles and beekeeping since I was a little girl and would watch and help my dad and grandfather.  
See... I've loved bees from the beginning!

Today while taking my dogs out, I noticed more life in our little garden.  Before now there have only been plant-eating bugs and cute tiny frogs!  Now there are little tiny bees collecting pollen from one of our sunflowers!  It made me so happy I ran inside and grabbed the camera right away.
They were working so hard, they didn't even notice me.
Look at those cute lil pollen covered legs!

So even though I don't have a beehive (yet), it's good to know that I'm still contributing to the bee community in some way!

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