Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Time We Faked A Bat Mitzvah

Next in the line of fake office parties came Meredith's Bat Mitzvah.  This time I brought my camera.  We even had a friend who doesn't work at the office participate in the celebration!

We finally got Mere to come to the other side of the office, where we were all standing.  We cued up Hava Nagila - the techno version - and Jadah wrapped a plastic cup in some paper towels to be stepped on.  I didn't fully understand that action, and I stepped on it when Meredith came in, so the UMPH had already been crushed out of it when she went to do it.....
We tried to pick up a bunch of Jewish and Kosher items for the celebration, but the grocery store had a pretty poor selection.  But it wasn't TOO shabby.  We discovered NISH NOSH!!

We got Mere's favorite cake - Red Velvet.  We put a Question Mark candle on it, and a robot toy due to a Futurama reference that Steven discovered on Urban Dictionary.  We gave her a framed picture of Kathy Griffin in beauty-pagent getup.  But Mere said that Kathy Griffin is Irish Catholic.  Makes sense.

We also made pierogies, not sure if they are specifically Jewish or anything, but we couldn't cook potato pancakes in the work kitchen, so it had to be something that would go in the toaster.
All in all, it was a wonderful Fake Bat Mitzvah!

  I encourage everyone to celebrate Fake Holidays!

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