Friday, June 18, 2010

Backyard Bird Nest & Planties Pics

I found this little nest pretty close to our back porch, very close to head level, with a mama bird sitting her sit, keeping her eggies warms.

she's mooning me!

AND NOW For More Planties Pics! (hooray!)


sunny flower


aaaand..... i dunno, cause i can't remember!!
anybody know what this is?


I believe this week is the last week of Bloom, and that next week is the start of ZENITH!  The Peak of Summer!  Which is funny, because at this moment, the Eaarth is currently as far away from the Sun in it's orbit than ever!  Good thing we're not as close as possible!  Yuck!
I can't remember the name of today, and my eco-calender is in the car.  (i'm lazy), but the last few days were named RedGrouse and FieldMouse.  FieldMouse was a very magical day indeed, with several small funny little coincidences!  Court said I was wearing my magical dress, and I even dreamed about myself wearing it last night!  I have to remember to tell Jules I dreamt about her and Jadah the same night that Jadah dreamt of me and Jules!  Funny coincidences lately.

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  1. Who is Jadah and are you calling me Jules?