Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Plant Update & Projects

Plant Update:

We've been struggling to keep our Wayward Veggi Garden from drying out lately, and as soon as we get them watered enough, what happens?  It rains all night!  With possible rain for the next couple days too!  I hope they don't get too bogged down.

here's the tall tomatoes and onions!  needs repotting....


here's my lil ol' sunny flower!  i can't wait for them to pop up turn yellow!

and here are my poor aloe plants!!  the one on the left is a fail.  i've cut too many of her leaves for my own use.  bad cran.  any suggestions to bring her back to life?  the baby aloe on the right side there...despite all my starting to do alright again....and it has a friend now!

brave lil potatoes and basil down here.....

and PEPPERS!!!!!!


Crass fixing up bikes he found on craigslist for a dollah each!  one's from the 70's.  mine's from the 50's!

And my recent project is a Compost Bin.
I found the trashcan on the side of the road.
I drilled holes in it.
It is now my compost. 
Here's pics just a few weeks in:


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