Sunday, June 13, 2010

Green With Blog Envy...And With Plants

I'm now officially a follower of two of my friends' blogs.  It's amazing how much more you instantly get to know about people that you already know ~ just by visiting one single page in the vast interwebs!  I love it.

And due to their influence, I want to show off our little garden!

We got started a bit late in the season, but I'm proud of our little wayward group of ragamuffins!

They are mostly tomato plants, the two larger ones are pepper plants.  I'm particularly excited about the sunflowers....  Our cilantro died unfortunately, the hard rains really crushed it flat.  Plus, I didn't group them together like ladyelevator did.  Smart lady.  Knows what the plants want.  Here are more pictures of the basil, sunflower, and pepper plants:

This one below is a potato plant; we let a couple of potatoes sit in the bottom of the cubbord for too long, and decided to just throw them in some dirt and see what happened.  Well, this is what happened!
They seem to really like the front porch.

This next plant has a name.  Pinocchio.  A few years ago Crass & I were walking around the neighborhood and we saw a cactus and I pulled out a little one and brought him home.  I'd never had plants before and wanted to see if I could keep one growing.  I figured a cactus was a perfect starter plant.  He sat in the kitchen window at that apartment for a year or two;  he moved to another house for a year where he also sat in a kitchen window; he moved to ANOTHER apartment where he AGAIN - sat - in - the - kitchen - window.  I don't know WHY I wanted him there so badly.  But as I began growing other plants, I wanted to put him outside with some plant friends.  And in just ONE WEEK, he has gone from a tiny stick of a think to this Big Ol Cactus Bulbiness that just may even Blooooom soon....
Here's Pinocchio & Ponnette:
(this picture really doesn't do him full justice...)

Let's see how the plants fare this next week with a bunch of rain being predicted....
Ah, they'll probably love it.

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