Saturday, June 12, 2010

Geocaching GO!

Today I took my first adventure to find a Geocache.
My GPS, Navi, wasn't charged, so I did a bunch of research online with google maps and longitude/latitude coordinate sites.  I found two close to the office where the hubby and I work, so I started on my adventure!

I didn't get very far on the first one, the geocache is hidden deep in the woods, and I was only wearing flip flops.  I was not ready to brave the wilderness without a protected body, so I gave up on that one pretty quick.  I did see a pretty bunny and pretty lady picking blackberries.  She waved.  I guess I may have been eyeing her warily...

The second attempt to find a geocache was MUCH more successful!  Right before I went, my brother in law was explaining geocaching to a co-worker who was extremely interested.  I told him where I was going and he met me there, and after about 10-15 minutes of walking and talking and searching and guessing, he finally spotted something, and it was the geocache we were looking for!  Inside there were some toys, geocoins, a wet and faded log sheet, some thread, and a HOOTS WAS HERE card!  We signed the log list and I left a couple silly bands for future geocachers.  Wished I'd had my camera.  Oh well, there's always next time.

Tuesday, if it doesn't rain too badly, we plan on trying out the Brady Bunch series of geocaches.  You have to watch specific episodes of the Brady Bunch in order to gain clues as to where to find each geocache.  Fantastic!

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