Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fake an Office Birthday & Get Yourself Some Cake

Once Upon A Time,
This morning, Before Work,
Crass & I were watching Family Guy.
(the most recent one, Something Something Something....the second Star Wars one)
We saw that scene were one character turns to the other character and says,

"Where'd you get that cake?"
 - "It was Jim's birthday.  But I don't think there's any left"
"I want cake."

And it was true.  I did want cake.  Crass & I both wanted cake.
We chose a victim: Steven.  We chose our desired cake: Chocolate Truffle.
And we made a fake office birthday happen!

Steven left for his break.
We loaded the cake up with birthday candles.  We put up a birthday sign that said '&STEVEN&'.  We put on a Weird Al Yankovic birthday song.  We framed a small picture of Sarah Palin, signed it 'thanks for the other night, hun' and wrapped it up in some paper.  We pulled up an absurd birthday picture on his computer monitor.

Steven returned.
We pulled a leftover party popper and jumped around.  And the best part was that Steven jumped around with us and celebrated his fake office birthday.
And we all got chocolate cake.

The End.


  1. fantastic! What made you start a blog all of a sudden? And have you started writing about your money saving green and healthy tips you collect every day?

  2. i've missed my blog from when i used myspace more than facebook, but nobody is on myspace anymore.... reading yours made me remember how much fun i had keeping a blog!
    i have also been discovering the wonders of igoogle. i'm such a geek, but igoogle has completely changed my internetting experience! i hadn't planned on blogging about green tips and saving money, but i most certainly will!