Saturday, June 19, 2010

Neighborhood Borrowing & Bartering

One of the huge pluses about getting to know your neighbors is that there's a wonderful give and take that starts to happen over time.

A month or so ago, Crass and I met one of our neighbors through a friend.  Since we met, we've had dinner every other week or so at each other's house.  We found out that he was able to access the internet because we were the only ones on the block without a password protected wireless connection.  (Unfortunately since then, we've had to put a password on it, the connection became too slow)  But we let him know what the password was when we put one on!

He visited his parents one weekend, and acquired several of their old household items, so he offered us a large rug that he couldn't use.  It fits perfectly in the den upstairs, and I've loved it ever since the day it came to stay with us.  Every time I'm playing with the dogs in the den, I look at it and I think how awesome it is to know your neighbors and share things as a community.  I hope I get to know more of my neighbors better.

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