Friday, June 25, 2010

Planties & New Projects UPDATE

We seriously need to get our plants into some deeper dirt and buckets.  But this, for our sake, needs to happen gradually.  And the plants are mostly hanging in there with us.....  So here is what the garden has turned into:

We took the largest tomato plants and put them in buckets.  I just drilled holes in the bottom and around the sides and repotted the plants.  At first they did NOT seem to be doing well, but all have bounced back incredibly well except for one.  And i'm hoping she'll pull through.  We had a little talk about it this morning.

Here are the beautiful budding Sunflowers!  Only one is ready to open its pretty eye!
We've got a few more peppers too!

Pinnocchio had an accident.....
....but i think he'll be okay....

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  1. Yeah! Gardens! Wow, you guys have plant skills! PLease visit JOhn he feels so low