Monday, February 21, 2011

Your Beauty Products Are Killing You

Okay, now that I've got your attention~
It may actually be true, depending on what health and beauty products you use.  Do you use a mainstream, well-advertised brand?  Then most likely there are chemicals in your products that you are putting all over your body on a daily basis; chemicals that have been linked to cancer, brain damage, developmental and reproductive toxicity and MORE!  It really is quite scary.  I'm still fathoming.

I encourage EVERYONE to sit down with this website for just a minute and search the products you use most on a daily basis.  It may frighten you.  Now, I do like cheap makeup - but I would rather never wear makeup again than use a mascara every day that I didn't know contained MERCURY.  The good news is that the website can also help you.
I picked out a few foundation/powders and eye makeups that are low on the hazard scale and I am going to order these things online, even though it may be a bit more pricey to have them shipped - I read some reviews and it sounds like they will last me for a few months at least (I don't wear makeup every day so they will probably last longer).

I worry that Americans as a whole wonder where a lot of our health problems come from when we don't even realize what we are putting on and into our body.
And as far as money goes - now that I'm making practically everything in our bathroom except for soap and toothpaste, I think I can reallocate some of that saved money towards getting more health-conscious beauty products.

On the reverse side, some of my makeups were on the 'moderate scale' with pretty much every toxicity concern other than cancer; things like my wet n wild liquid eyeliner and bijou blue nail polish ~ even though these things were 4 and 6 out of 10 on the hazard scale, I opted to keep them as I because I use them rarely.  I did, however, throw away my Blistex Medicated lip balm (even though i love it SO much!), instead I'm going to stay true to Burts Bees - they had good ratings.  I also threw away my Garnier Nutriesse Skin Renew eye-roller - it was pretty high on the ol' hazard scale, AND it's something that I use more than once a day.  Not gonna rub cancer under MY eyes every morning and night, NO SIR!  But if YOU want to, hey - who's gonna stop you?  Certainly not the FDA...........

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