Sunday, December 12, 2010

No Need To Buy!

...Wanted a wreath.

...Didn't want to buy Xmas decorations.

(I hate the Christmas shopping season.)

...Found some stuff from around the house...

Then I (with the help of a dear friend) made TWO wreathes ~ one cutesy & one classy.


Cutesy Ingredients:
White Tuille
Red T-Shirt Squares
Tiny Red Bows with Twisty Ties
Foam Trees (from a kid's log cabin kit)


Classy Ingredients:
Vinyl Record
White Tuille
Frilly Cuff (off an old Costume Dress)
Fake Flowers

Don't you love the mix of Holiday Cheer with Misanthropy?

I do.

Happy Christmas <3, Misses Moustaches

1 comment:

  1. i do too! you're awesome!!!!!! how many times do i have to say it!!! ha ha