Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Workoween (Or Hallowork)

The new office where I work usually decks the halls for Halloween, but this year they thought we would be under construction, so we were left to our own devices and not everyone dressed up.  There still was a costume contest with cash prizes though!  And a group of people kept the Halloween spirit alive!  My cubicle-mate and I dressed up as Ghoul Scouts (Troop #666 muwahahaha....); there were LOL Cats (I only got pictures of 2; a pirate; a 50's housewife; Father Time (or an old, white Flavor!); Frank from Donnie Darko; and the Doppler Effect!  We Ghoul Scouts actually won scariest costume!  We DID bribe them with Ghoul Scout cookies in the shape of Brains, Fingers, and Feet.........
Enjoy Picture Time!



  1. Tell the guy who dressed as Frank I said thanks, I nearly shat myself upon seeing that. I don't think I can unsee... Great costumes all around! Especially troupe 666!

  2. I love the Donnie Darko Costume!! I hope you still have some of those coookies left. Your office sounds fun.