Sunday, November 7, 2010

More DIY/Homemade Shit (hooray!)

First of all (& this has NOTHING to do with today's topic), I'm completely and totally excited to be listening to my Jenny Owens Young album now that I know the voicemail message on the song "Voice on Tape" is from Regina Spektor, and that the song must be ABOUT her!  How fun.

Okay, now for the DIY shit...

I have a drying rack that doesn't get used anymore.  While we get alot of great sunlight in the house (we live on a corner now and have windows on all sides of the house that just stream in the natural light), we still don't have what I would call a Sun Window - a window where the sun comes in strong and bright and you can stand there and FEEL it.  That's typically where I would put a drying rack, so that my clothes can get that nice SUN-DRIED feeling that a dryer just can't reproduce.  So, what do I do with my drying rack now that there's no Sun Window?

I pick our sweet basil, cilantro, and peppers (kindly left by the former tenants and tended by our nice landlords!).

Once they dry completely (which will take weeks, but I love to watch it!) we will grind them up and have spices right from our own yard!  And Fuzband gets the red pepper flakes all to himself!

Recycling in this citown is strange in my mind.  You can recycle cans, bottles, PAPER, but not cardboard.  I used to drive my cardboard out to the DEHEC building because they actually had a cardboard-recycling DUMPSTER.  But I don't go by there alot or live on that side of town anymore.  I absolutely CANNOT bring myself to just throw our cardboard OUT.  Since we've moved I've been putting out the boxes on days when they pick up yard clippings, hoping that it will go to a more bio-degradable dump, but I'm still wary.
We do have this really cool fire-pit table that was a present from my parents (but they are fairly inexpensive depending on where you look), and for now we decided that we would just burn our cardboard.  We do love having fires, but we don't have many trees in our yard and therefore not much firewood!  I refuse to BUY firewood, but we have been buying FireLogs from the grocery store just to have SOMETHING to get the few sticks and leaves we collect to start burning!  I read quite a few DIY blogs, and somewhere along the way I heard that dryer lint is incredibly flammable and makes good kindling.  I'm going to give it go.

Let me introduce you to my dryer lint.
I've been saving it up.

Free Dryer Lint + Free Times newspaper = Free Kindling!


I'll let you know how it goes once I get to use them to burn the cardboard later!


I'm going down to Rose Marie's
she never does me wrong....

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  1. Looks pretty combustible to me. That's a good thing.

    For some reason, my account name to leave on comments is Blankety Blank Blank. I would say it was a default option, except it seems very like something I would put in that field. Cheers.