Saturday, November 20, 2010

"No-Poo" (Shampoo) Day Four

My fuzband and I have decided to give up shampoo.
We read this blog about what's in shampoo, and why it was invented in the first place (not too terribly long ago), and How To Go Shampoo Free (same link) and we have since decided to give it up.

This past week we washed our hair with a simple mixture of 1 tablespoon baking soda + 1 cup water (I did this twice and filled up my old shampoo bottle).  Apparently if you use more baking soda than this recipe you will have crispy hair or something, I dunno - didn't have that problem.
We rinsed our hair out with a White Vinegar rinse - we wanted to use Apple Cider Vinegar, but we didn't have any - (1-2 Tblsp Vinegar + 1 cup water, we used 2 Tblsp)
However, White Vinegar is good for dandruff and my fuzband and I both have that, so it worked out for us.  He was worried that he would smell like vinegar, but the smell went away as quickly as it came.
(This was No-Poo Wash Number 1).

He washed his hair again yesterday I think - or this morning, I can't remember.  He thought it was getting greasy.  My hair has been amazing, better than I can ever remember - so full and fluffy and soft but light (and I have heavy, thick hair).  Today is the first day where the top of my head is starting to get a little greasy-looking and there are a tons of flakes.  But the bulk of my hair still feels soft, light and clean.  If I was staying home today, I wouldn't even worry about it - but since I am going out tonight, I will definitely give it the next wash.
(This will be No-Poo Wash Number 2).  I'll keep you posted.....

Until then - 
Make sure you smush your face on something.  It's really amusing for other people.
(Thanks Joshua!)

But here -
(I can't let you leave without showing you how handsome he really is)


  1. Life sans the poo... it is a little known secret. Yeah, most of the stuff in shampoo is pretty frightening. I try to only buy shampoo with ingredients I recognize. And even then, a good cleanse for my 'fro is 1 part apple cider, 3 parts water. So fresh and so clean.

    Enjoy your new hair adventure.

  2. Yay! Welcome to the no-poo club! :D

  3. Thanks guys!! I'm extremely excited to be part of this elusive club! I'm already pushing it on other people too. Beware World.