Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do YOU Want A Dog?

I found this dog.
I was at Food Lion and the guy in front of me didn't know his pin number so he went outside to get it?  We are all standing there watching him and he starts hitting and throwing things at this little dog.
(He drove off and never came back in for his groceries.)
I checked out and went outside to check on the poor animal.  She had on a collar (no identification) and was very nice!  She was scared, but very nice (which is a great description of her overall).

She is a Carolina Dingo and is actually much better behaved than my two boys!!  She has learned, SIT, LAY-DOWN, WAIT, MAT, and NO.  She is a REALLY good, sweet, loving girl and wants nothing more than to just cuddle and play with a PERSON.  She needs her own person.  (She wasn't great with cats at first, but now the cats TEASE her and she puts up with it in a mild-mannered way).  She really is a wonderful girl.

We've called all over the place, had her checked for a microchip, checked Craigslist for weeks, etc.
We already have 2 dogs.  That is IT for us.  But we can't just drop her off at an adoption center, because she is SO WONDERFUL.  I don't trust those places to find her the RIGHT home.  They are just PET-PUSHERS.  I don't care what I have to do to find her the Right home (drive her 5 states away, WHATEVER IT TAKES)!


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