Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Best Damn Burn Relief EVER

So I'm a clumsy girl.  And for some reason I believe that I have some uncanny ability not to burn myself - like it's a super-power or something.  (Or it just never stuck in my brain that stoves are hot.)

This means that I burn myself fairly often.  In fact, I have a nice one on my left index finger right now that probably will scar, and I'm looking forward to calling it my Soup Stain (it's from one of those microwavable sip-in-a-cup-soups).

The absolute WORST thing you can ever do after burning yourself:
is run to the sink and stick your hand under cold water
(not sure of the science behind this, but it makes the burn WORSE and makes the burn "spread")

The absolute BEST thing you can do after burning yourself:

(Aloe alone is great, but a mixture of aloe with room temperature milk will ease the pain and take away the soreness that comes the next day!
Non-homogonized milk is even better, because it is the fat that helps to alleviate the nerve pain.  The more fat, the better and quicker the pain relief.)

So rip a leaf off that Aloe plant that you obviously have sitting around and smear it on your burn.  It's the quick relief before you can get the milk.

Pour some milk, into a shallow bowl is best for hand burns (i get alot of those).
Squeeze out or scrape out your aloe leaf and smush it in the bowl of milk while you have your hand still in there.

Once the initial horrible pain is over, get yourself a rag or cloth bandage or paper towel and soak it in the bowl - you can use that to wrap around your burn.  I suggest soaking several of them in the milk/aloe mixture because once the rag that you are wearing dries up, there will be another one ready to take it's place.

The longer you keep the milk/aloe mixture on there, the better healing you'll have, and the less pain and scarring you will have in the days afterwards.

So there ya go - time to go out and play with fire, kiddies!

{Oh ~ you don't believe that I don't understand HOT?  How about the time I stuck my hand directly into a pot of BOILING WATER to fish out a CD that I was trying to make more pliable...}

<3, Mrs. Moustache


  1. Does soymilk or coconut milk work?

  2. I actually have a note in my journal that soymilk doesn't work as well, but I don't have any facts to back it up with....