Saturday, June 30, 2012

WaBi SaBi LiViNG Take Over

In an effort to consolidate and organize the random electrical pulses in my brain, I'm going to start focusing all my efforts on WaBi SaBi LiViNG, and just try to be the best WaBi SaBi Woman that I can be ;)

What will this mean?
Just that your browser will have to access a different website, that's all.  If you have a subscription to Misses Moustache, I swear I will figure out how to do that over at WaBi SaBi too (by the way, if you know how to add a subscription list in WordPress, please let me know your secret).

I will still post personal blogs, they will just be in the WaBi SaBi WORLD category, where everything random, and "everything else" will go as well.

As a parting present,
here is a page from a silly kid's book I'm making for my Goddaughter.
It's about the letter M - this is page 6 - answering the question of 'who Mashed the Mangoes?'

Misses Moustache
a.k.a. WaBi SaBi WoMan

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